Dell Insprion N3558 best laptop - Review DELL laptop company

Review DELL laptop company

Dell laptops are one of the most trusted and popular consumers in the Vietnamese laptop market. Each computer company has its own direction to target its main users with the factors that make the difference in design, quality and product cost. With Dell’s computers, the results represent tens of millions of Dell brand computers sold annually throughout the globe and are almost everywhere.

First, the current Dell laptops can be mentioned as:

Dell Inspiron
Dell Vostro
Dell Alienware
Dell Latitude
Dell XPS
Dell Precision

Each of the laptops Dell offered is aimed at different users on the market today, for example:

Business laptops include: Vostro, Latitude, Precision. In which Precision is the most advanced line of the three lines, it is designed to be quite special and functions as workstations.

Popular Dell laptops include: Inspiron, XPS, Alienware. In which Inspiron has a nice design, while Alienware features a powerful design, this model is often the first choice for gamers.

IPS Dell Screen - Review DELL laptop company

Good point of Dell laptop
Attractive price compared to performance, suitable for consumer bags.
Processor with fast speed on quality products.
The laptop is customized according to customer needs.
Easy to upgrade the system.
The optimal design is characteristic.
Not so hot.
Good battery life.
Stable configuration, diverse features.
Good product quality with failure rate of 0.1%.

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The bad point of Dell hand computers
Noise-free operation with radiator fan.
The design is somewhat crude and sturdy.
The heaviest weight compared to other brands of products.
Some problems are difficult to detect during use, requiring technical experts.
Non-diversified models are usually male friends.

Wish you have the right choice to suit your learning needs as well as your work.