5 ways up effective logo design ideas

The formation and conceptualization of a project is always an important preparation stage and determines the success largely, especially when it is the brand logo-face design project. Please provide some knowledge to help you to design effective logo design ideas.

1 Rooted From Core Values

Before designing a logo, you should always have a detailed plan with the requirements that you want your logo to achieve. Logo does not come from the subjective of the designer but should be created from the characteristics of the product and service and the aspiration of the leader. What message do you want to convey? affirming something through the brand’s logo, that’s the most important thing.

Let’s start from the internal environmental analysis to find the core value of the business, find the competitive advantage, the difference with the competitor to get the logo design idea. Once you’ve grasped the spirit of those issues, you need to embark on more specific things like how to use the outline, the layout, and the color for your logo design.

2 Put Yourself In The Customer Location

As mentioned, Logo is the face of the brand, helping customers find the brand. Logo helps brand reach customers in the media and products, so the reception of customers with logos is very important. Before you come up with an idea, how do you find out about their customers’ mind and actions? they are influenced by the font, color … how or they are impressed with the type of logo. Here we consider the customer-oriented business file.

When you put yourself in the position of customer, you also get a more objective view to take steps, step up the idea of ​​designing the logo effectively, meeting both brand requirements and customers.

3 Starts A Symbol Of Orientation For The Company

If your thoughts are targeted, choosing an icon or an image, it will be much easier for you to come up with a logo design idea. But save you that the image or icon you aim for must match and accurately represent the personality or brand image. If not, Zen Vietnam advises you to start looking for a suitable icon and develop an idea around that image, symbol

For example, KFC takes the image of the brand owner on the logo, the National Economics School develops the logo around the symbol of S Vietnam or Vingroup using the symbol of bird wings and stars to make the brand face. my ……… lots of images, icons you can aim for to design your logo design ideas, but you must always pay attention to its suitability and accuracy. Your brand image

4 Don’t Be Affected By Other’s Ideas

There are many logo designs available today and you can find them via the internet or signboards …. everywhere, you can refer to those designs before embarking on the project, but don’t too affected by them because of the brand’s own identity of the brand only. You can also listen to the advice, suggestions of colleagues and superiors, but don’t be affected and depend on those ideas and not get out to think of your own ideas. You are assigned responsibility, you must show that trust? So be alert and wise in your decisions.

5 Study Logo Opponents To Avoid Being Duplicated Ideas

For projects related to brand identity, you always need to research your competitors in many respects and the brand logo is not outside that line of view. It is very bad for customers to choose the products and services of their competitors instead of yours just because the two brands are the same, difficult to distinguish. Therefore, you should avoid all elements such as logos, colors, fonts on the logo placed in the frame of reference with competitors in the same industry to make a difference, impressive and easy to remember in the minds of customers. line. If you have a previous idea and recognize the overlap, you need to develop an idea in a different direction to create a unique, new look for your brand.

With the information shared above, hopefully can provide a part of knowledge for your reference, ideas on designing logos effectively.

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